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About Steve

Steve M. Robertson is a writer, actor and game designer based in New York City. Since Graduating from Juilliard in 2017, he's worked across a variety of mediums. You can catch him onscreen as Matt Caldwell in Showtime's Dexter: New Blood and as Ian Hope in SYFY's Channel Zero: The Dream Door.

When he's not writing, he's playing music around the city, jumping up and down as fast as he can, and running a slew of D&D homebrew campaigns with his friends--who were so kind in reading and giving thoughts on WIST: A Graphic Novel!

Steve M. Robertson, author of WIST: A Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel - Wist

A fantasy graphic novel complete at 240 pages. Since releasing in June, Wist has gained 37,000 followers online and sold over 13,000 copies.

In a world ruled by strange and terrible gods, Wist's life as an angel is a fate worse than death... until a young witch offers him a chance to escape his dark master once and for all.

Acting - Dexter: New Blood (SHOWTIME)

I had a blast playing Matt Caldwell, a central antagonist in Showtime's DEXTER: NEW BLOOD.

Acting - Channel Zero: Dream Door (NBC/SYFY)

I played series regular Ian Hope, the (spoiler alert!) big bad in the fourth and final season of SYFY's horror anthology CHANNEL ZERO.

Screenwriting - Carpetland!

An excerpt from Carpetland!, a dark comedy pilot that won screenwriting awards at festivals across the country.

A freak accident pushes two suburban carpet store employees to their breaking point.

Screenplay Sample - Underlings

An excerpt from Underlings, an animated fantasy workplace comedy. 

Doug's squad of bumbling evil minions needs to pull off something SUPER EVIL to survive quarterly reviews... the problem? They're just no good at being bad. 

Past Work

Editor - Wizards of the Coast

I freelanced as a beta tester/editor for Wizards of the Coast's

Dungeons & Dragons tabletop content, play-testing and evaluating the strengths/weaknesses of early and late-stage modules, suggesting narrative and mechanics fixes as needed. Some of the modules I worked on included Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos and Candlekeep Mysteries.

Narrative Designer - Bard Brigade

I narrative designed 56 episodes of the Bard Brigade  TTRPG Twitch series, which ran on a weekly basis for over a year and amassed over 2500 paid subscribers. I was especially proud of the compendium of lore documents I provided to subcribers,and the voiceover sequences I engineered for the beginning of each episode--the whole thing was a blast to write and play out, and I hope to stream a new series soon.


Screenwriter - Samantha Moonley's Greatest Feeling (2016)

My 2016 short film, Samantha Moonley's Greatest Feeling, won the Centerpiece award at NFFTY--the world's largest film festival for filmmakers under 25. 

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