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WIST: A Graphic Novel


A Graphic Novel
by Steve M. Robertson

UPDATE: Over 13,000 copies sold across platforms! Thanks so much for reading!!!

In a world ruled by strange and horrible gods, Wist's life as an angel is a fate worse than death... Until a young witch offers him the chance to escape his dark master once and for all.

A 240 page fantasy graphic novel with strong elements of horror.

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Thanks so much for reading!

Nyl from WIST: A Graphic Novel

About the Art

Welcome to the world of WIST! This story’s been a passion project of mine for months and I’m overjoyed that you're here.


WIST's art is a hybrid of digital drawing and AI-generated images—especially heavy on the AI side of things. 


My Process: I enter prompts into Midjourney (AI software), then comp and edit those images together in Adobe Photoshop. From there, I use a tablet to draw over and modify them in Clip Studio Paint. This is the only way I’ve kept characters consistent across the story, as well as adding and removing small details from the final panels.

While I don't claim ownership over any of the project's art, the story is all me! I'm so excited for you to dive in. Thanks so much for your support, and may your sword stay sharp!

Thousand from WIST: A Graphic Novel
Clover from WIST: A Graphic Novel
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